Rapier is a family of Mini and Light Tactical UAS, with a MTOW ranging from 25 to 50 kg, facing some of the most challenging constraints of its category (light weight UAV). In fact, despite the extremely reduced weight, two of the most important ISR mission requirements are satisfied: long endurance – up to 16 hours – and integration of top class sensor payloads.

Key features

  • Proprietary FCS Proprietary Flight Control System and Autopilot DO178C DAL-B software safety critical, modular and flexible (therefore adaptable to the entire Rapier family and customizable according to the User’s needs). Control laws can handle and compensate for actuators and sensors failures and complete the mission safely. Robust software and algorithms resilient to cyber-attacks (e.g. jamming, spoofing)
  • Operational flexibility Thanks to an optimized base layout project, the Rapier configuration can be adapted to several operational scenarios, including the most challenging ones. From the standard configuration with launching by catapult and recovering by parachute and airbag, to the configuration with precision recovering (net), up to the VTOL configuration for the marine environment
  • Performance Long endurance for a wide flight persistence in surveillance missions. The latest technology of the electro-optical sensors, to guarantee high performances in terms of Detection, Recognition and Identification (DRI)