Founded in 2017, Sky Eye Systems S.r.l. is a NewCo (49% OMA, 51% GEPAT) created to develop a new family of Unmanned Aircrafts, weighing between 25 and 50 kg, and prioritizing the creation of a Small Tactical UAV, with a MTOW of 25 kg, in the first phase of the Program.

Our team is composed of high skilled managers, engineers and technicians having previous experiences in International Aeronautic Programs and able to develop proprietary UASs having top in the class performances. The specific Know-How and the synergies with OMA high skilled employees empower us to reduce time-to-market, costs and development related risks: a benefit for both civil and military customers.

Our Operative Division is located in Cascina, 15 km from Pisa, while Administration Office is settled in Foligno (PG), location of our parent company, OMA Spa. In our Operative Office we have large open spaces for the Integrated Design/Product Team (IPT) and a wide laboratory for tests and assembly.