On April 05th 2022, the Italian Direzione degli Armamenti Aeronautici e per l’Aeronavigabilità (DAAA) certified the Sky Eye Systems S.r.l. as a Military Design Organisation in compliance with AER(EP).P-21 (EMAR 21), Section A, Subpart J, approved to design the Rapier X-25 MILlTARY UAS LlGHT product.

The Design Organisation is entitled to perform design activities, under the AER(EP).P-21 (EMAR 21) and in accordance with the procedures of its Design Organisation Exposition.

Military Design Organisation Approval (MDOA) is awarded to organisations that are eligible and successfully demonstrate to DAAA that their design assurance system can safely design products, changes to products or repairs that comply with the applicable type certification basis (TCB). Holding MDOA is one means for an organisation to demonstrate its capability to apply for, or hold a Military Type Certificate (MTC), a Military Supplemental Type Certificate (MSTC), or a major repair design approval. MDOA is also awarded as the means to obtain privileges to classify and approve minor changes and repairs.