SES is composed of high skilled engineers and technicians, who have matured experience in leading worldwide aeronautical companies and successful programs and able to develop UAS technologies (FCS, GCS, aerodynamic, structural aero-elastic, configuration optimization), according to STANAG 4703, STANAG 4586, SAE.AER. P-2-6-7, DO 178C, MIL-F-8785C.


Ability to design Systems meeting the most stringent technological constraints in terms of sensors DRI (Detection Reconnaissance Identification) performance and in terms of overall aircraft performance for long persistence on target.
Ability to meet Project needs in terms of time, cost, quality.


Design and usage of carbon fiber structure and special aluminium alloys, in order to guarantee minimum weight and high mechanical performances. Material analysis, optimization of joints, associated with aerodynamic simulations, allow robust structure, reducing consumptions and minimizing the radar cross section.


Development of simulators and test rigs, to validate the proprietary FCS HW and SW and to check the onboard systems and the vehicle flight dynamic response.
The development of test benches for testing individual equipment and an Iron Bird for integrated tests, guarantee to reduce the risks associated with subsequent flight tests.