Advanced integrated system for monitoring the territory via UAS

Technological eyes and analytical skills to monitor the territory and environmental emergencies. Planetek Italia and Sky Eye Systems present a brand-new integrated solution for territorial monitoring with UAS and advanced data analysis at three international events.

Process the video streams and the optical and SAR data, acquired by the sensors on board the Rapier family drones, using artificial intelligence algorithms in order to automatically extract sensitive and useful information to IMINT analysts and to all bodies involved in territorial control and management of environmental emergencies: this is the object of the collaboration of the two companies in the aerospace sector.

Sky Eye Systems has significantly innovated the mini / light class UAS market through its family of drones, “Rapier”: a fixed wing UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) used in intelligence and surveillance missions.

Wingspan of about 4 meters and weight less than 25 kg, equipped with a HD electro-optical / infrared sensor payload, the first model “Rapier X-25” can be launched from a pneumatic catapult system, or from a military vehicle in motion (for example a Lince armored vehicle), and is about to obtain Military Type Certification according to the STANAG 4703 standard. The Rapier X-25 has just been procured as a “launch Customer” by the Italian Air Force and delivered to the 32nd Wing of Amendola (Foggia, Italy).

A third version, currently under development, features vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) and is called “Rapier X-VTOL”. Among the “Rapier X-VTOL” features: a maximum take-off weight of 50 kg (which makes it fall within the Light Class); an operating range of 100 kilometers (extendable to a few hundred kilometers, thanks to the optional satellite datalink); autonomy from 5 to 11 hours depending on the mission; on board electro-optical / infrared sensors and other optional payloads such as hyperspectral sensors, Lidar, IFF, SIGINT and also SAR, thanks to the extreme flexibility and modularity of the payload bay.

The three versions share most of the sensitive and fundamental technologies developed in Sky Eye Systems, such as the extremely optimized aerodynamic layout, the Flight Control System and the Ground Control Station, developed according to the highest DO178C-DALB software-hardware safety standards, as well as the structural design almost entirely in carbon fiber.

Rapier X-25

Planetek Italia in this collaboration has brought thirty years of experience in the processing of geospatial data for IMINT and GEOINT in order to be able to quickly extrapolate useful information starting from the numerous data acquired on board. Among the main applications developed and made available in real-time on a rugged workstation dedicated to data exploitation, the system includes change detection, data fusion, generation of 3D models and automatic object recognition.

The information acquired by the drone, and the reports generated through the rugged workstation, can be shared, in real time, both with other units deployed in the field and with remote command centers.

In addition to the military sector, these UAS also have numerous civil and government applications, for example for security, fire and search & rescue activities, but also for aerial photogrammetry, monitoring of large infrastructures (oil pipelines, gas pipelines, power lines, railway networks, motorways and more), for environmental control and cartographic support activities in environmental emergencies.

The possibility of having a drone of this size, not too large to be managed and launched in a simple way, and large enough to cover very large areas carrying important sensors on board, combined with a rugged station capable of processing in automatic way of the data and to extract useful information in real-time, makes this solution perfect in the field of surveillance operations and in the monitoring activities of the territory in occasions of environmental emergencies, both occasions in which the time factor is a key factor for the success of the mission.

The drones of the “Rapier” family, together with some examples of algorithms and applications developed by Planetek Italia, were presented in three international events: the “Mediterranean Aerospace Matching” (22-24 September c / o space-port of Grottaglie-Taranto), the “Sea Future 2021” (28 September – 1 October at the Naval Base in La Spezia), “Earth Technology Expo” (13-16 October in Florence).


Sky Eye Systems

Sky Eye Systems is an aeronautical company founded in 2017 by an initiative of Eng. Massimo Lucchesini, former CEO of Aermacchi and Operations Director of Alenia Aermacchi, and by the Tonti family of OMA in Foligno (Perugia), which owns the property, with the aim of developing a new family of “Mini / Light UAS”, weighing between 25 and 50 kg, for civilian and military uses of inspection, mapping and surveillance of the territory.

The company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and EN 9100: 2018 standards, for the design, prototyping, construction, training and after-sales support of remote piloted systems and has all the aeronautical, electronic and systems resources and skills, to develop the enabling and sensitive technologies integrated in the Rapier at home (autopilot / FCS, GCS, aerostructures).

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Planetek Italy

Planetek Italia is a Benefit Company founded in 1994 and specialized in Geomatics, Earth sciences and space solutions. We develop systems and services for the processing of cartographic and satellite data aimed at creating geo-localized knowledge. With sustainability as a reference value, we operate in many fields of application: environmental and territorial monitoring, open-government and smart cities, defense and security, engineering, scientific and space exploration satellite missions. For more information:

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Sky Eye Systems will be exhibiting at the SeaFuture 2021 Exhibition in La Spezia (Italy), from September 28 to October 1, 2021.


Military Design Organisation Approval (MDOA)

Sky Eye Systems S.r.l. is proud to announce the Company has been certified on April 05th 2022, from the Italian Direzione degli Armamenti Aeronautici e per l’Aeronavigabilità (DAAA), as a Military Design Organisation in compliance with AER(EP).P-21 (EMAR 21), Section A, Subpart J, approved to design the Rapier X-25 MILlTARY UAS LlGHT product....


Dubai Airshow 2021 with SES

Sky Eye Systems will be exhibiting at the Dubai Airshow 2021 in Dubai (UAE), from November 14th to 18th 2021 at DWC. This is the first airshow we’ll be attending overseas, since 2019, so we are eager to meet again in person after such a long time. We’ll be displaying the Rapier UAS...